As we all know, our eyes are the main focus on our face, they radiate body language, expression, our mood and are one of the first ways we make contact with someone.  

For many women, applying eyeliner can be a difficult and a time consuming task. Many find themselves applying, removing and reapplying their eyeliner to get it right. This is where Semi Permanent eyeliner can be beneficial.  


The Treatment

Semi Permanent eyeliner treatment does not smudge, wash off, or weaken/fade throughout the day.  It is ideal for those who play sports or hold jobs where they just don’t have the time to reapply make up, yet need to look good at all times. 

This treatment is also perfect for anyone suffering from watery eyes.  Many clients who are partially sighted or suffer with failing eyesight also find this treatment beneficial.  


You can create a subtle enhancement or choose a more fully made up look.

Applying a fine line through the top and bottom lash line gives the eye more shape and definition, without being too obvious, creating a more natural look. If you prefer a heavier, more made up look, for evenings or special occasions, you can still apply your own make up over the top.

However, if it’s a heavier, thicker line you prefer, this can help to bring out not only the colour of the eye but also the shape. You can opt for a top line, just a bottom line, or even a shaded look. A latino line (flick) will give an even more modern edge, the choice is yours!

You’ll just wonder why you didn’t do it sooner…


“I would just like to say a massive thank you again Sue. I had my eyebrows done with Sue 2 years ago and have
had them coloured in today.
I also had my eyeliner done on my eyelid. Even though there a bit swollen they both look amazing. I’m so happy
with them. You truely are wonderful Sue. Thank you!!!”

Heather O’Brein

Enquire Eyeliner