Lip Blush

The most on trend up until now has been injectable dermal fillers, to give the plump perfect shaped lips and the most enviable pout.

However, over recent month’s semi permanent lip blush seems to be in demand.

This treatment not only gives you the illusion of a more defined perfect shaped lip but also allows more colour to enhance fullness giving a natural, subtle, soft effect.

Lip Line

Maybe it’s just a lip line you require to give shape rather than lots of colour.

Alternatively Semi permanent lip line can be applied boldly for a more glamorous, definite more made up look.

You can choose a subtle colour or a darker shade. However I will always advise you on the correct colour and the realistic results you should expect.

If you like to use different colours for evening wear or special occasions but don’t want to a strong semi permanent colour 24/7, you can choose a lighter shade treatment then add your own lipstick colours on top of the semi permanent make up but the shape and softer tones are still there when you take it off.

Lip Correction

Lip Tattoo Before & After


If you would like to book a consultation, enquire about prices or to discuss the benefits of semi permanent lip treatments, please do not hesitate to contact me below.

Before After
Before After