Ripar COver up Make up

The RiparCover camouflage palettes are made up of dermatologically tested products featuring a unique formula that is long-wear, waterproof, transfer-proof and non-comedogenic.


Sophie’s Before & After

Before After
My lovely client Sophie had scoliosis of her spine with an 80deg curve also a connective condition which caused her to have quite severe stretch marks….

After an operation which gave her an amazing 30deg curve this brave girl not only had stretch marks to deal with but her operation left her with a massive scar.

I’ve covered both areas with RiparCover Cream and sealed with Derma seal waterproof sealing spray.

She now feels so much more confident to wear backless tops, bikinis etc and also to know that this product will stay on even in the pool… great result! 
The right sided picture is after Sophie had been in the shower…
Before After

Kelly’s Before & After

A client told me she had a skin cancer removed and showed me the scar… this started out as a little freckle on her lower cheek, over the years it had got bigger until a friend insisted she got it looked at… Thank goodness she did!

The operation was a success however she had been left her with a scar which obviously will heal and soften in time but for now she was conscious and wondered if I could suggest anything non invasive.

So I applied the scar with the Ripar Cover camouflage make up as she has said nothing will cover or stay on.
she was thrilled with the results…. and so was I.
If your in doubt of anything usual on your face or body… get it checked!

MCA – Dry Needling

MCA – Multitrepannic Collagen Acutation also known as Dry Needling.
This procedure improves the appearance of fine lines, softens scars, ie. acne, chicken pox and can also reduces the look of stretch marks.

A fine needle is used to prick the skin causing trauma to the epidermis layer, this then triggers the skins natural defence mechanism to produce collagen and elastin to help heal the wound. This in turn stimulates the melanocyte cell which restores the clients natural pigmentation to the area after healing has taken place.

There is little discomfort during the treatment and healing time takes between 5 and 7 days. Clients will need to have follow up treatments during the initial stages and after this it is recommended that clients return for top ups every 12 to 18 months.

Other Paramedical Treatments:
Nipple / Areola Replication

Please ask for details. All enquiries are treated in complete confidence and can be sent below.

You can purchase Ripar Make up directly from me.
On appointment you will have a colour match and will be taught how to apply this product yourself